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from builtins import zip
import numpy as np

[docs]def step_plot(xbins, y, ax, fill=False, fill_min=0, **kwargs): """ Routine for plotting a in steps with the ability to fill the plot xbins is a 2D list of start and stop values. y are the values in the bins. """ if fill: x = [] newy = [] for t, v in zip(xbins, y): x.append(t[0]) newy.append(v) x.append(t[1]) newy.append(v) ax.fill_between(x, newy, fill_min, **kwargs) else: # This supports a mask, so the line will not be drawn for missing bins new_x = [] new_y = [] for (x1, x2), y in zip(xbins, y): if len(new_x) == 0: # First iteration new_x.append(x1) new_x.append(x2) new_y.append(y) else: if x1 == new_x[-1]: # This bin is contiguous to the previous one new_x.append(x2) new_y.append(y) else: # This bin is not contiguous to the previous one # Add a "missing bin" new_x.append(x1) new_y.append(np.nan) new_x.append(x2) new_y.append(y) new_y.append(new_y[-1]) new_y =, new_y) ax.step(new_x, new_y, where="post", **kwargs)