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# Author: Giacomo Vianello (

# A hack on the astropy Table class to make its output
# more appealing, especially when in the Ipython notebook

import pandas as pd
import astropy.table
from astromodels.utils.long_path_formatter import long_path_formatter

[docs]class Table(astropy.table.Table): def _base_repr_(self, html=False, show_name=True, **kwargs): """Override the method in the astropy.Table class to avoid displaying the description, and the format of the columns""" tableid = "table{id}".format(id=id(self)) data_lines, outs = self.formatter._pformat_table( self, tableid=tableid, html=html, max_width=(-1 if html else None), show_name=show_name, show_unit=None, show_dtype=False, ) out = "\n".join(data_lines) # if astropy.table.six.PY2 and isinstance(out, astropy.table.six.text_type): # out = out.encode('utf-8') return out
[docs]class NumericMatrix(Table): def _base_repr_(self, html=False, **kwargs): return super(NumericMatrix, self)._base_repr_(html, show_name=False, **kwargs)