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import os
import shutil
import tempfile
import uuid
from builtins import str
from contextlib import contextmanager
from pathlib import Path

from import setup_logger

log = setup_logger(__name__)

[docs]def sanitize_filename(filename, abspath: bool=False) -> Path: path: Path = Path(filename) sanitized = path.expanduser() if abspath: return sanitized.absolute() else: return sanitized
[docs]def file_existing_and_readable(filename) -> bool: sanitized_filename: Path = sanitize_filename(filename) return sanitized_filename.is_file()
[docs]def fits_file_existing_and_readable(filename) -> bool: """ checks if a FITS file exists ignoring extension ({}) info """ base_filename = str(filename).split("{")[0] return file_existing_and_readable(base_filename)
[docs]def path_exists_and_is_directory(path) -> bool: sanitized_path: Path = sanitize_filename(path, abspath=True) return sanitized_path.is_dir()
[docs]def if_directory_not_existing_then_make(directory) -> None: """ If the given directory does not exists, then make it :param directory: directory to check or make :return: None """ sanitized_directory: Path = sanitize_filename(directory) try: sanitized_directory.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=False) except (FileExistsError): # should add logging here! pass
[docs]def get_random_unique_name(): """ Returns a name which is random and (with extremely high probability) unique :return: random file name """ return str(uuid.uuid4().hex)
[docs]@contextmanager def temporary_directory(prefix="", within_directory=None): """ This context manager creates a temporary directory in the most secure possible way (with no race condition), and removes it at the end. :param prefix: the directory name will start with this prefix, if specified :param within_directory: create within a specific directory (assumed to exist). Otherwise, it will be created in the default system temp directory (/tmp in unix) :return: the absolute pathname of the provided directory """ directory = tempfile.mkdtemp(prefix=prefix, dir=within_directory) log.debug(f"created temp directory {directory}") yield directory try: shutil.rmtree(directory) except: log.warning("Couldn't remove temporary directory %s" % directory)
[docs]@contextmanager def within_directory(directory): path: Path = Path(directory) assert path.is_dir(), f"path {path} does not exist!" current_dir: Path = Path(".") os.chdir(path) try: yield finally: os.chdir(current_dir)