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import ftplib
import os
import urllib.error
import urllib.parse
import urllib.request

from future import standard_library

from threeML.utils.progress_bar import tqdm


[docs]def download_file_from_ftp(ftp_url, destination_directory): assert ftp_url[-1] != "/", ( "A URL for a file cannot end in / (received: %s)" % ftp_url ) tokens = ftp_url.split("/") server_url = "/".join(tokens[:-1]) filename = tokens[-1] return download_files_from_directory_ftp( server_url, destination_directory, [filename] )[0]
[docs]def download_files_from_directory_ftp( ftp_url, destination_directory, filenames=None, namefilter=None ): # Parse url tokens = urllib.parse.urlparse(ftp_url) serverAddress = tokens.netloc directory = tokens.path # if no filename has been specified, connect first to retrieve the list of files to download if filenames == None: # Connect to server and log in ftp = ftplib.FTP(serverAddress, "anonymous", "", "", timeout=60) try: ftp.login() except: # Maybe we are already logged in try: ftp.cwd("/") except: # nope! don't know what is happening raise # Move to origin directory ftp.cwd(directory) # Retrieve list of files filenames = [] ftp.retrlines("NLST", filenames.append) # Close connection (will reopen later) ftp.close() # Download files with progress report downloaded_files = [] for i, filename in enumerate(tqdm(filenames)): if namefilter != None and filename.find(namefilter) < 0: # Filename does not match, do not download it continue else: local_filename = os.path.join(destination_directory, filename) urllib.request.urlretrieve( "ftp://%s/%s/%s" % (serverAddress, directory, filename), local_filename, ) urllib.request.urlcleanup() downloaded_files.append(local_filename) return downloaded_files