threeML.utils.step_parameter_generator module

threeML.utils.step_parameter_generator.step_generator(intervals, parameter)[source]

Generates sum of step or dirac delta functions for the given intervals and parameter. This can be used to link time-independent parameters of a model to time.

If the intervals provided are 1-D, i.e, they are the means of time bins or the TOA of photons, then a sum of dirac deltas is returned with their centers at the times provided

If the intervals are 2-D (start, stop), sum of step functions is created with the bounds at the start and stop times of the interval.

The parameter is used to set the bounds and initial value, min, max of the non-zero points of the functions

  • intervals – an array of the 1- or 2-D intervals to be used

  • parameter – astromodels parameter