threeML.utils.data_download.Fermi_LAT.download_LLE_data module


deletes data downloaded with download_LLE_trigger_data. :param detector_information_dict: the return dictionary from download_LLE_trigger_data

threeML.utils.data_download.Fermi_LAT.download_LLE_data.download_LLE_trigger_data(trigger_name, destination_directory='.')[source]

Download the latest Fermi LAT LLE and RSP files from the HEASARC server. Will get the latest file versions. If the files already exist in your destination directory, they will be skipped in the download process. The output dictionary can be used as input to the FermiLATLLELike class.

example usage: download_LLE_trigger_data(‘080916009’, destination_directory=’.’)

  • trigger_name – trigger number (str) with no leading letter e.g. ‘080916009’

  • destination_directory – download directory


a dictionary with information about the download