threeML.plugins.FermipyLike module

class threeML.plugins.FermipyLike.FermipyLike(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: PluginPrototype

Plugin for the data of the Fermi Large Area Telescope, based on fermipy (

property configuration

Returns the loaded configuration


a dictionary containing the active configuration

static get_basic_config(evfile, scfile, ra, dec, emin=100.0, emax=100000.0, zmax=100.0, evclass=128, evtype=3, filter='DATA_QUAL>0 && LAT_CONFIG==1', fermipy_verbosity=2, fermitools_chatter=2)[source]

Return the value of the log-likelihood with the current values for the parameters stored in the ModelManager instance


Return the number of spatial/energy bins


number of bins

property gta

This is used for the profile likelihood. Keeping fixed all parameters in the LikelihoodModel, this method minimize the logLike over the remaining nuisance parameters, i.e., the parameters belonging only to the model for this particular detector. If there are no nuisance parameters, simply return the logLike value.

set_inner_minimization(flag: bool) None[source]

Turn on the minimization of the internal Fermi parameters


flag (bool) – turing on and off the minimization of the Fermipy internal parameters



Set the model to be used in the joint minimization. Must be a LikelihoodModel instance.

set_nuisance_parameter_value(paramName, value)[source]