module, cnts, width, bkg=None, selection=None, bkg_selections=None)[source]
  • time_bins – stacked array of time intervals

  • cnts – counts per bin

  • bkg – background of the light curve

  • width – with of the bins

  • selection – bin selection

  • bkg_selections

  • instrument

Returns, chan_min, chan_max, counts, **kwargs)[source] Axes, bin_min: array, bin_max: array, top: float, bottom: float, mask: array, **kwargs: dict) None[source]

plots patches that are disjoint given by the mask

  • ax – matplotlib Axes to plot to

  • bin_min – bin starts

  • bin_max – bin stops

  • top – top y value to plot

  • bottom – bottom y value to plot

  • mask – mask of the bins

  • kwargs – matplotlib plot keywords

Returns str, start: float = -10, stop: float = 50, dt: float = 1) Figure[source]

quick plot of a TTE light curve :param tte_file: GBM TTE file name :param start: start of the light curve :param stop: stop of the light curve :param dt: with of the bins[source]

Returns an array of disjoint indices from a bool array


arr – and array of bools