threeML.config.config_utils module

threeML.config.config_utils.get_current_configuration_copy(file_name: str = 'threeML_config.yml', overwrite: bool = False)[source]

write a copy of the CURRENT configuration to the config directory

threeML.config.config_utils.get_value(name, user_value, par_type, config_value)[source]

Get the value for a parameter. If value is None returns the config value. :param name: Name of parameter :param user_value: user value (can be None if no value given) :param par_type: Type of the paramter :param config_value: value in config :returns: parameter value

threeML.config.config_utils.get_value_kwargs(name, par_type, config_value, **kwargs)[source]

Read the value of a parameter from the kwargs or the config if it does not exist in the kwargs. :param name: Name of parameter in kwargs :param par_type: Type of the parameter :param config_value: Value in the config :param kwargs: :returns: value of parameter, rest of kwargs

threeML.config.config_utils.recurse_dict(d, tree)[source]
threeML.config.config_utils.show_configuration(sub_menu: Optional[str] = None)[source]

display the current configuration or a sub menu if provided