Source code for threeML.test.test_plugin_loading

__author__ = "drjfunk"

from threeML.plugins.OGIPLike import OGIPLike
from threeML.plugins.SwiftXRTLike import SwiftXRTLike
import os
from .conftest import get_test_datasets_directory
from import within_directory

# These tests simply check that the plugins with no instrumental software dependence, i.e.,
# those plugins which should be immediately available to the user
datasets_dir = get_test_datasets_directory()

[docs]def test_loading_ogip(): with within_directory(datasets_dir): _ = OGIPLike("test_ogip", observation="test.pha{1}")
[docs]def test_loading_xrt(): with within_directory(datasets_dir): xrt_dir = "xrt" xrt = SwiftXRTLike( "XRT", observation=os.path.join(xrt_dir, "xrt_src.pha"), background=os.path.join(xrt_dir, "xrt_bkg.pha"), response=os.path.join(xrt_dir, "xrt.rmf"), arf_file=os.path.join(xrt_dir, "xrt.arf"), )